Technological advancements have been really rising at an alarming rate and rather very fast. This has seen the development of many top class applications that are designated to perform very well on various electric gadgets and for different purposes. This has even seen the development of applications that human beings are currently relying on for their survival and are being termed as life companions. Among the latest technology is the 2K14 mobile technology.

2K14 Latest Mobile Technology

2K14 Latest Mobile Technology

With the inc5reasingly use of mobile phones, people are gradually changing them from communication devices into devices that are far much more useful when it comes to leisure. This has seen the incorporation of some very sophisticated technology in mobile handsets so as to make them compatible with the latest gaming technology. The 2K14 mobile technology is a type of technology that is mainly based on mobile gaming. It is a gaming technology that has not only been used in mobile phones but also in play stations and personal computers.

This is a gaming technology that has really hit the headlines worldwide and is really a force to reckon with in the technological field. To begin with this is a gaming technology that is designed to offer a great level of compatibility with most of the gaming devices and gadgets. Depending on the type of device being used, there are various versions and models of the same. First of all is the iOS version model. This is one that is made and designed to work and run on devices that operate on an iOS operating system. These can include the IPhones and Ipads. With the high compatibility level in this device, an individual who plays the game on such a device leaves to tell a story for the marvelous experience. There is also a version that can be installed and played on the play station and especially play station three and four. With a play station being much more powerful than a mobile handset, the technology is also designed is quite different from that of a mobile phone. However, all the other features are almost similar.

The 2K14 is a technology that has been developed after a series of upgrades, with the most recent being 2K13. The upgrade has seen the incorporation of some magnificent features compared to the previous ones. One of the features that have really shown some improvement is the visual quality and acuity. In the previous versions the quality of images was a bit low but the 2K14 technology has seen the development of very unique and high quality graphics that have made the whole game very attractive and bear a lot of clarity. As a matter of fact, the quality of a game is largely determined by the quality of graphics and its clarity. It is the marvelous graphics embedded and incorporated in this game that have made it top notch for gamers compared to other previous versions.

The 2K14 has also seen a great advancement in the controls compared to other previous versions. The controls of the game are quite easy to locate since they are located at one bottom of the screen and do not occupy a very large space leaving behind very little screen space for viewing the game. With consistent and massive game plays, an individual can be in a position to master all the controls and their location without having to keep glancing at them. This makes it very good for a top speed game that calls for fast reaction on the gaming controls. The sensitivity of the controls is also good and marvelous and can be very good since an individual does not have to struggle pressing down the controls.

The game play that has been developed is quite good since it gives room for the manipulation of some sophisticated stunts and moves which include proper shooting better pass accuracy, amazing dunks, better ball handling and proper player movement.

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