There comes a time in a life of techie when he decides to upgrade his choices, he decides to move on to bigger and better smartphones. Unofficially the smartphone market is saturated into three parts: budget phones, midrange phones and premium phones.

Don’t be under any illusion that budget or midrange phones are a compromise. They offer great value. The introduction of Android, an open source platform has completely changed the dynamics of smartphone market price-wise. You get attain excellent phones by paying minimal prices.

Midrange smartphones are hugely popular, and they’re one of the main reasons why smartphone shipments exceeded 300 million units in Q2 2014. A smartphone always desires a phone that is better looking – according to various survey’s functionality comes after the looks. Therefore we have compiled the list of the five best designed and best looking midrange phones:

HTC One Mini HTC One MiniHTC One Mini is a living proof of excellence that midrange phones carry. HTC One Mini is a smaller, slightly compromised and cheaper version of HTC One. However, the compromise is not a huge one. There a few hardware shorting comings when you compare it to the original flagship. But they are certainly livable flaws.

HTC One mini has a 4.3 inch LCD display with a resolution of 720 X 1280 pixels. It has a 1.4 GHz dual-core Snapdragon 400 processor. It has 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage – however it doesn’t give us options of external expansion options. The smartphone runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It has a beautiful super AMOLED body that makes it one of the best looking midrange smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is another shrunk version of its flagship and packs outstanding features. It has a 4.3 inches super AMOLED display with round curvy body with a metallic lacing on the edges to keep everything together and make the device physically solid.

Design-wise Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is one of the simpler looking devices and that is what makes it brilliant. It has a neat, clean and uncomplicated design and yet looks very stylish.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is more or less the same thing as Xperia Z1 except for the screen size – and of course price. Z1 Compact offers a 4.3 inch HD display at 720 X 1280 megapixels. Like most Sony devices it has a square-ish design and a strong metallic body. You can see that design-wise this device stands out from the rest. Somehow it has a unique look.

And let’s forget the looks; the device has 20.7 megapixels camera!

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

We have another Samsung device on our list and Android users shouldn’t be surprised as Samsung offers the best of both worlds – premium and cost effective. Galaxy Grand 2 is one of the bigger mid-range phones out there. It offers 5.2 inch TFT display with HD properties with a resolution of 720 X 1280 pixels.

It has a very similar design to S4 with a round curvy body with metallic edges but above all a clean and stylish design.

Moto X

Moto X

We have saved the best for the last. Moto X has a customizable design with interchangeable back panels. The color choice varies a lot. What makes Moto X special is its customizable design and other features such as voice controls, quick-launch camera options, excellent screen with 4.7 inches, a decent 10 megapixels camera.

If you have a thing for vibrant looking smartphones and customization, you should definitely go for Moto X. Moto X may not even qualify as midrange phone, many will argue that its prices globally make it a budget phone with jam packed features and outstanding design.

Author bio: Nuur Hasan is a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports.