Pondering into the forthcoming Android iteration, this major release will offer a slew of incredible and most awaited features in a Smartphone.

This will be the most hyped and anticipated Android release that is expected to be available publicly in fall this year. The latest developer version of the Android L has ensured that Google has dramatically improved the pitfalls of the typical Android mentality with intriguing features like enhanced battery backup, amazing GUI, pixel-perfect designing that is sure to engage potential users with ease.

Another Feature Unveiled Multi-User Support With Android L

Other than numerous utile features, the Android L will come complete with the multi-user feature in the Smartphones like Tablets with Android 4.2 or later exhibits.

The consumers were looking for this feature for a while, as most of the users keep their private and confidential data on their Smartphones and so, there is always a risk of getting some info leak to a stranger while sharing the device with someone. It is quite hard to maintain privacy in that case; however, with multiple user support, you can share the device and ensure privacy by switching the device to another user profile. Moreover, it will also facilitate several mobile app development companies across the globe to develop applications that reap the benefits of this feature.

Integrating the multi-user support makes an ultimate sense due to a plethora of reasons. Some of them are as follows:

Hand over your Smartphone to your kid with a special child-safe profile- Now, there is no need to worry about the stuff that your kid must not access. By creating a child-safe profile and limiting the access to the desirable data and apps, you can ensure a lock (a bit similar to parental lock) that will make your Smartphone perfect for your kid.

Restrict the other users by creating a Guest profile with limited access- You can protect your data and information saved in the device while allowing someone else to use the device, by enabling a Guest profile and assigning it only limited access. It will secure all your stuff and customizations from falling into the wrong hands.

Multiple profiles to support professional and personal usage– It is perfect for facilitating a single device to provide two separate profiles that users can enjoy as per their requirements. This will be a fabulous feature, it will not only allows you to stack your business and personal data separately, but will help you enjoy your vacation without any business worries (especially when you needed a break), simply by logging into the personal profile only.

The importance of Multi-user feature in a Smartphone:

Some of you might wonder that is there really any necessity of implementing a multiple user feature in a phone, like do people really share their phones with others? The answer is yes, of course, people do share their devices with each other and this quite often happens in field businesses (where workers work in shifts) and for personal usage as well (for instance, sharing device with siblings or friends).

It will be quite beneficial for both small and large-scale businesses. Though, Google has announced that it will offer sandbox and enterprise-managed  Android profiles. But, as there are innumerable small-scale businesses that do not have the budgets to afford the complicated devices or special professionals to implement these gadgets. However, with the separate personal and business profiles, the staff will be able to easily maintain and accomplish their job; multi-user feature of the upcoming Android L has enhanced its functionalities and makes it a viable platform for small and large enterprises.

We are familiar with this feature, but what still has to be unveiled is to check whether Google has kept the multi-user profiles same as that in the Android tablet arena?

If it will be similar to that found in Android tablet, then it will be of great significance to the businesses. And, if it will include a stripped-down version with guest access only, then also it will be a safe step; as with this, Google will be able to release its full-blown version (that we are already enjoying in the Android tablet) in the later releases.

Final Thought:

There are innumerable tech savvy individuals and Android admirers, who have kept their eyes closely on each minor or major feature unleashed about the Android L platform. The multi-user feature is expected to be available in the very first public release of the upcoming platform.

Author Signature: Lucie Kruger is an eminent Senior Content Editor and IT consultant for Mobiers Ltd, which offers quality Mobile Apps Development Services. You can also contact her, if you are looking forward to Hire Android Application Developer.