Reliable Offshore App Development CompanyOffshore app development! Did this term arise too many questions in your head? It’s totally understandable. Now here’s the question that you basically need to begin with; are you entering the market after completing your homework? You will not be able to find the right application developer / app development company locally or offshore unless, you are 100% clear about your own requirements. Now here’s a quick summary of some important points that you need to sort out before you start your hunt for the reliable offshore development company:

1-      What platform to begin with? (Native / Hybrid / HTML5 / Cross Platform/ Web development)

2-      What technology are you aiming for (if you’re an IT savvy)? (ROR, .NET, Any third party Ecommerce Solutions e.t.c)

3-      Can you replicate an already established / published app that matches your business concept or you need a custom application?

4-      Do you have any in-house IT staff that can make the application as efficiently as a professional developer or an app development company?

5-      Have you compared the costs for onshore and offshore development?

6-      How much of scalability would be required?

7-      What is the total operative cost?

8-      How much of the testing would be required? Do you have talented resources to handle industry compliant testing procedures?

9-      What is the status of your marketing techniques?

10-  Do you require 24/7 support for your app?

11-  Would you require additional platform launch after the first launch i.e. if you select the native development to begin with?

When you answer each of the questions listed above you will surely find out how offshore development can help you. As long as you’re able to evaluate the app development companies based on their technical competencies and work history you can hit the market with stable grounds, while focusing on your business enhancement rather than the background hassle.

Your selected offshore development company should have a track record of developing end to end mobility solutions, must offer Autonomous mobile application development. See if you can find an app similar to your requirements in their published profile and evaluate it for mobile centric approach and innovativeness. Commitment for step-by-step deployment and testing should be made right at the beginning in order to avoid any confusions and lags during the process of development. Security of all type of information regarding business and the app itself is of utmost importance, a proper NDA should be signed to maintain the desired confidentiality. Last but not the least; the app development company must optimize the app completely before the final launch.

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