The conventional way of home search encompasses round the brokers and the limited properties displayed by them and you need to choose amongst those limited properties. The same issue persists with the builders also. Either you choose on the limited options from the builders, or change the builders or brokers. This unnecessarily stretches the process of home shopping and before you actually come across your dream home, you get so frustrates that you end up finalizing any property. But with the scenario has changed totally and it’s a new era of home shopping where you have the power to choose your home at your wish. Wondering how is that possible…yeah…it is with For instance, if you are looking for flats in Gurgaon you exactly can finalize it, no matter where you are located across the globe

Easy Search option

After landing on the portal, all you need to explore it to get sorted with your dream home. The first page provides you with the option of the services. Opting for your preferred one followed by the city, will take you to the result page with the list as well as the map view featuring all the properties across the ciy

Verified listing and photo gallery

Once you are on the result page, you see the list of properties on the left hand side and the map view on the right. Selecting any property either from the list or map will open a pop – up window on the right side of the screen, displaying the photographs and the required minutiae about the property. The one most differentiating feature of is the Verified listing. Al the properties are personally visited and scrutinized by the team of The photo gallery has also been designed by the professionals of and all these pictures are taken by the internal team, when they went for property verification

Life style ratings and neighborhood score

Along with the verified listings and photographs portal also provides a detail insight about the property including life style score, amenities and facilities available, the room specifications as well as the position. Neighborhood score provides you with the idea about the locality


To customize your search as per your requirement on different parameters, the filters are there to assist you in that. On the left panel, you have the option to sort a property as per relevance which includes date, price and lifestyle ratings and on the top of the map view, refines your search as per BHK, prices and many more. You also have the option of one click shortlisting where the properties are added on the short listing panel if you want to compare couple of properties after shortlisting


Maps provides you with the exact location, plotted as per the latitude and longitude. If you are choosing flats in Gurgaon and not very much aware of the city, the maps becomes the guide for you showing you different locations as well as the connectivity with the city along with commutation and travel options

With all these features incorporated in a single portal, ensured authenticity as well as simplicity in your home – shopping by featuring all the properties of the city in a single click. The android and the iOS app launched by is also power – packed by the same user friendly features. The 24*7 hotline number 03-333-333-333 is always there to assist you with any property queries.