Either way there may be more variations between this and the primary iPhone 6 than just the screen size and while the iPhone 6 will likely protect the most revenue, the 6L is a bigger leaving for Apple and if gossips are to be considered it may also be thinner and more highly effective.

iPhone 6 release date, rumours

The iPhone 6L will almost certainly launch in September; actually, we’ll go one better and say that it will probably launch on September 9.

Word on the road is that that’s when the iPhone 6 will launch, not least because the last few iPhones have released in September and Apple is having a meeting simultaneously this season… you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to see what’s arriving.

Originally it seemed like the iPhone 6L might be forced returning from this event due to production complications, but those issues seem to have been fixed, so we’re anticipating the two devices to side by side.

Apple will launch a duo of handsets in September.

iPhone 6L price

It must not come as any shock to listen to that the iPhone 6L will probably be costly, or that it will in all possibility be even costly than the iPhone 6.

While no UK, US or AU costs have been exposed yet, the possible China costs has, with the iPhone 6L obviously likely to begin at around 5998 Yuan (£563/$966/AU$1030) for a 16GB design and as those are depending on China costs they won’t consider for regional taxation.

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will begin at 5288 Yuan (£496/$851/AU$911) so if that pans out the 6L will be considerably more costly.

iPhone 6L design

Most of the design rumors have been targeted on the 4.7-inch iPhone, but that’s okay because we’re anticipating that and the iPhone 6L to look much the same.

Specifically, going by what we’ve seen and observed, we’re anticipating them both to have a far more curved style than the iPhone 5S and for them to have lines running around the top and bottom sections, probably to improve reception.


Other than that it’s looking like the home button may have shifted to the side of the handsets, to help you to hit with the bigger screen size and shots of a plastic Apple logo have led to rumors that the opening could house an NFC chip or even that the logo might light up to alert users to notifications.

The NFC element looks nailed on, since Apple has said to be releasing a transaction system with associates such as Visa, which would use contactless technology.

All of that is applicable to both designs, but we also have some details particularly about the iPhone 6L. A released schematic for example indicates that the iPhone 6L will be 77mm extensive and just 6.7mm dense, which might create it even thinner than the primary iPhone 6 and describes at some level why the name iPhone Air has been tossed around.

We can do better than numbers though, as an picture obviously displaying the iPhone 6L’s framework has been published by BestTechInfo and although it’s not part on you can still see that it’s very thin indeed.


What is it? A larger 5.5-inch version of the iPhone 6
When is it out? Likely September 9 2014 alongside the iPhone 6 in all likelihood
What will it cost? Probably at least £563 / $966 / AU$1030