From nine dollars and fifty four cents per month or two hundred and twenty nine dollars with trade in.From $9.54/mo. or
$229 with trade-in.1

A13 Bionic

Portrait Mode

Studio Light

Natural Light

Contour Light

Stage Light Mono

Stage Light

High‑Key Light Mono

4k Video

Animation of 4k video

Water Resistance


and spills.

Dynamically adjusts white balance on the display so images look natural and are easier on your eyes.

Press and hold an icon
for shortcuts and a slight
vibration makes it feel
like you’re pressing a
real, physical button.

Run the latest AR apps that
let you measure real‑world objects, map constellations over the stars, and more.

iPhone SE records videos in stereo to make the sound as engaging as the picture.

Wi‑Fi 6 and Gigabit‑class LTE can deliver much
faster download speeds, whether you’re on Wi‑Fi
or cellular networks.5

You and a friend can
rock out to the
same playlist by pairing
two sets of AirPods or
Beats headphones to one iPhone.6

Dual SIM with eSIM lets
you have both a business number and a personal number on the same iPhone.7