Photographs appeared online, showing the Home Button in iPhone 6 and the two versions of the 4.7 “and 5.5”. It seems clear that the differences are between them, but also from that of the iPhone 5s.

The images released by the show that while the power to the Home button of iPhone 5s did a turn of 180 degrees, the equivalent of the iPhone 6 4,7 “is a straight cable, while the 5.5-inch version can has a slight curve.
If these components are indeed true, then this means that Apple will have a very different internal rules for the two upcoming models of iPhone.

The identification numbers associated with cables, match the previous leaks from Apple, something which reinforces the suspicion that the parts really.

Leaked photos of the Home Button iPhone 6
Another component that is illustrated in the leakage inductance is a cable that is supposed to belong to the iPhone 6 4.7 “. Here we see that while the iPhone 5s photographic sensor was part of the cable, the iPhone 6 things will be different.

In recent weeks there has been a deluge of leaks of supposed parts of the new flagship Apple, which means that production in the Far East is at full volume. They have released several internet cables, back covers, sensors, motherboard etc.

Most of these leaks have given no specific new features that will have the model. At this stage only speculate as becoming one of which says that the new iPhone will support the super fast protocol 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Apple is expected to present its next iPhone in two screen sizes at an event in September.