Sony instantly goes on releasing new Smartphones one by one. With its recent release Xperia Z1 compact, this was very soon followed by a 6-inch T2 Ultra phablet, it seems that Sony wants to restrengthen its feet in this Smartphone era. And proving it to be right, there is rumor that Sony is planning to announce the launch of two Smartphones ( Xperia Sirius and Xperia G ) in the market at the Mobile World Congress. And it is conceived that the Japanese maker is planning to introduce this Xperia G as a mid range Android phone of the twelvemonth.

Rumors are that this will be revealed at the nearing MWC 2014 in Barcelona. As this data is leaked just now, there are just a few of its specs available. Specs are incomplete but may soon provide you with all of them. But for now these are the main specs to be focused.

Display and Resolution

This Smartphone may come with a display size of 4.8 inches diagonally. It has a classic look. You can have a look at it in Google. It looks slim and rather heavy. And no more information regarding its introduction. Coming to its resolution, as per the sources, this may have a resolution of 1280*720 pixel. This is a serious one for any mid range Smartphone.

Camera and storage

This provides you with 8 mega pixel rear camera. This is a safe bet to suffer in any Smartphone and a better one when it totals at a low cost. And at present I can’t articulate anything about the presence of front camera. Equally there is no information regarding it.  Merely this is of no concern as the pixel of rear camera is appreciable one.  This handset comes with an inbuilt memory of 8 GB and 1 GB RAM. This also comes with MicroSD slot (indicating that the storage capacity may even be expandable).

This also comes with MicroSD slot (indicating that the storage capacity may even be expandable). And getting to the point of IP valuation, it has no IP rating, which means that it receives no shelter from any external harmful agents like water, dust and much more.

That’s it for now. This is all we have for now. And may come to know more about it, when it will be officially released at the Mobile World Congress on 24th of FEB. , 2014.