While smart TVs or to be more specific, LED TVs are all the rage right now, the OLED TVs are supposed to be the next big thing in the world of personal entertainment. One might be very familiar with the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) displays that are very popular in latest mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and digital cameras, smartphones, and tablets, but many are aware that such displays are available in TVs as well. While currently the OLED TVs are still not popular in the market owing to their difficulty in production and high cost, but this technology is being highly researched on owing to the OLED screens’ capability of offering superb picture quality and intense color reproduction along with wide viewing angles on very large screens. As the trend of buying very large screen TVs for homes is getting more and more popular, it is thought that ultimately the OLED TVs will be ruling the market few years down the line which is now fully dominated by the LED TVs. Market competition and technological advancement will bring down the prices of the OLED TVs to ensure that they are widely adopted by the TV buyers.

Here’s a brief look at what exactly is an OLED TV:


The OLED TVs offer the best qualities of the LCD and the plasma technology. The high quality OLED panels produce light on their own when electricity flowed on to a carbon film that is sandwiched between two conductors. The OLED TVs do not rely on back lighting like the LCD or LED flat screen TVs, and thus can be made very thin as well as light. The OLED displays can offer pure blacks, dazzling whites and vibrant colors along with great very wide viewing angles. These crystal clear displays are also motion lag and blur free which truly heightens the pleasure of TV viewing with splendid visuals that are life like. Also, no matter how big the screen is or how far the viewers are sitting from the TV, the OLED display always offer true colors without color fading or washed out effects or any distortions from wide viewing angles. Also unlike the LED TVs or early plasma TVs, the OLED displays are not prone to getting “burn in” which means heavy duty games leaving behind eerie permanent images on the screens. All these features make the OLED TVs really attractive, high quality and desirable for those who wish to get unmatched cinema effect in the comfort of their homes.

Now, here are the 5 things that you should consider while shopping for an OLED TV:

Picture quality

OLED TVs are best known for their great picture quality and that is what matters the most for any TV buyer. Thus, while buying a new OLED TV, one should consider the kind of picture quality that is being delivered by a particular brand model as compared to the others. While all OLED TVs are supposed to be better than the best known LED or Plasma TV, there can be definitely be difference in picture the picture quality from one model to another. So, make sure you judge the picture quality of your OLED TV before finally buying it by comparing them side by side at a large electronic showroom. As OLED TVs are comparatively expensive, it is better to do all the research and comparing before buying.

Which Brand

Another very important factor to keep in mind is brand. No matter what people say, brand name does matter, as they have earned their reputation over years of expertise and good customer feedback for quality offerings. As OLED TVs are rather new and upcoming, it is better only to go for reputed brands. The first manufacturer of OLED TVs is the Japanese tech giant Sony, which is as it is known for its high quality smart TVs, especially under its Bravia brand. After Sony, South Korean tech major LG offered OLED TVs, so it is also a great brand to go for. Samsung is of course a name that first comes in the mind of many when it comes to any electronic home appliance. This South Korean tech major is the pioneer of the large OLED TVs’ mass production. All these three brands are good to go for and come with varying features to suite one’s preference and requirements.

Additional features

OLED TVs not only offer stunning picture quality, but also comes with many features like high quality 3D viewing, Internet access, aspect ratio adjustments and much more. However, while the smaller OLED TV models come with only limited features, the larger OLED TV models offer a wide array of additional features. While the bigger the better, these are also obviously costlier. So, take your pick as per your nose for features and your budget.

Great 3D experienceLG-OLED-TV

OLED TVs offer outstanding 3D viewing taking your TV viewing experience to a completely new level. However, if 3D content viewing is your requirement, then you have to go for an OLED TV model, as substantially smaller models do not offer this feature. Specialized 3D glasses are of course required for 3D content viewing on any OLED TV.

Internet & Wi-Fi

Unlike the most of the LED TVs available in the market, all OLED TVs are not smart TVs and don’t come with the Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities. While if you shell out a hefty amount of money to buy a quality TV, you may naturally wish to get the benefit of internet connectivity, through which you can download loads of apps, movies, games, music, etc. However, this again can be commonly found only on large screen OLED TVs, but not the older models. So, if you need to connect to the net and get the benefits of the Web World, then you need to go for the latest large OLED TV models, which come with the option of attaching a dongle.


OLED TVs are simply the best thing that the TV fans can get. They are the perfect boon for all the movie buffs as well as those who remain glued to the TV screen whole day watching soaps and serials. An OLED TV is something which is worth to remain glued to, so rush and get yours.