What You Need To Know About Free Discount Coupons Code

Shopping is a necessary part of our daily lives. While shopping we come across various discounts and offers or even promotional coupons on various products that help to save money. Coupons are now the biggest boon for every one of us. In these economic crises, it is just right to avail all types of coupons that we can lay our hands on. Everyone hears of discount coupons while shopping online or even offline.

discount coupons

What are the discount coupons you ask?

Coupon codes come in numbers and letter that are entered when you have completed your shopping and want to pay the bill. Basically they are huge offers or small offers that will help you save money on the products that have been chosen for discount by the shopping portal. It is as simple as that. There is no paper attachment required, or any rules attached to it. You simply choose a product, check the discount coupon code attached to it and apply it.

Where can it be obtained?

Just go online and check popular shopping portals like Jabong, Homeshop18, Naaptol, Myntra discount coupons, Flipkart, Amazon and many more and as you search for the right thing, you get to see many discount coupon codes that are either written below the product itself or at the top of the page. Not all products have the save discount or discount coupon code. You either get 10% off or 40% off or even 70% off depending on the shopping portal. The discount coupon codes look like this “HOLI30” or “Vale40”. The first coupon code may be seen during the Holi festival, while the other one can be seen when Valentine’s Day is approaching. Every coupon code is labeled in a different way so it is not a rule that you will get it according to the season, festival etc.

If you think you can find all the discount coupons only on the shopping portal, you are wrong. There are special websites that cater to only discount coupon code, promotional codes, offers, deals and many more attractive benefits on various products of various shopping portals. These websites also display the expiry date of the coupons and also come with exclusive coupon discounts, which is not available anywhere else.

When is the best time to avail discount coupons?

Actually you can get discount coupons all the year round and there is no limit for availing discount. Every product has a coupon code at any time of the year. Although festive season, or off season discounts are most looked forward to, you can get some of the best deals at any time of the year. One simply has to be aware of the discounts that are provided by shopping portals at various intervals.

If you register yourself with any of the coupon sites like Coupon devta, you will get emails daily so that you can check out if the product that you desired is now at an attractive price.

How to apply coupon code?

It is quite a hassle free task. All you have to do is shop for the product and click on the buy button. After registering with the shopping portal, you then checkout to the payment mode, where you have to fill either your bank account number or opt for cash-on-delivery mode. After the product gets added to the cart, the page displays everything including the price, quality, and your product. The coupon code box is left empty for you to fill. The coupon code always comes with the product itself. So you do not have to go searching for it. After you fill the coupon code in the empty box, your total price will be reduced automatically. You can check or verify the final amount.

So the next time you shop, get smarter and opt for coupon codes to save more.

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Panasonic 2 Ton 4 Star CS/CU-KC24PKY Sapphire Split Air Conditioner – The Perfect Roomate in Summers

The very fact that Air conditioner is pretty vital to our existence, in times of scorching heat, is not unknown at all. India, being a humid tropical country, all the more feels the need of Air conditioner or the AC. Hence all the famous AC manufacturing brands take special care of their products so that it can suffice the needs of Indian citizens. Panasonic has been one of the primary companies, specializing in electronics. In terms of Panasonic AC price in India, Panasonic has a wide range to suit the demands of the customers. One such AC model is Panasonic 2 Ton 4 Star CS/CU-KC24PKY Sapphire Split Air Conditioner which is doing all the rounds. The basic features which make it worthy purchase are as follows:

Panasonic 2 Ton 4

The look:

Panasonic speaks of class when it comes to its model of air conditioner. Panasonic 2 Ton 4 Star CS/CU-KC24PKY Sapphire Air Conditioner is no different. The AC type is Split. It has a classy gray finish which emits chic style and grandeur. Due to its neutral image, it can go with the walls of any color.

Features integrated:

The whole package consists of additional things like user guide, warranty card and a cool remote control. The air conditioner boasts of a huge capacity of 2 tons. Its Energy efficiency or EER is 3.17. It can remove moisture in the air at the rate of 3.7 liters per hour. The indoor noise level is 48 dB and the outdoor noise level, on the other hand is about 56 dB. It is supported by a composite micro channel condenser. The compressor is a sub tropical sort. The Power consumption is restricted to 2080 W. The feature set includes dehumidification, anti bacteria filter and remote control. Its indoor gross weight is around 13/15 kg, whereas the outdoor net weight is about 58 kg. It has an odor controlling aspect. The top can be washed and cleaned easily.


The first and foremost point about the Panasonic 2 Ton 4 Star CS/CU-KC24PKY Split Air Conditioner is that it has a huge capacity of 2 tons. As a result its cooling ability is of a superior nature. It can cool down a large space within a short period as it has been made for the purpose of working under extremely hot weather conditions. The compressor can work in such a way that it can cool down an area at 52 degree C! The sub tropical compressor of the 4 star Sapphire AC is accompanied by a high quality Torque and efficient motor of superior class, which is capable of functioning within a high voltage. The compressor is constructed out of hardy materials which will be long lasting even under high pressure. The optimum shape muffler makes sure that the process of cooling is smoothly done.

The Anti bacterial filter is a combo of 3 features all in one, namely, antibacterial, anti-virus and anti allergen filters. Together with all these fantastic aspects, the filter helps to circulate cent percent pure and refreshing air absolutely free of microbes. The filter has been recognized by many international organizations.

The micro channel condenser is built out of aluminium which is durable and last for years. The cooling procedure requires least refrigerant. The unique feature of odor removal eliminates the source of the bad smell by turning off the fan at the very start. Thus, it circulates fresh and sanitized air all the time. It has a soft/dry function which keeps the air dry and free of humidity. Random auto restart is yet another function which switches on the machine automatically.


A warranty period of the Sapphire Split AC is 1 year on the machine and 4 years on the compressor. The online price is marked as Rs. 42399 which is pretty reasonable with regard to Panasonic AC price in India. No wonder it has been a 4 star rating!

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Lynne is a home appliances writer. She has been written many reviews in home appliances.

Samsung Takes Charge with the Latest in Android-Camera Fusion with the Galaxy 2 Camera

Android-CameraIn 2012, Samsung were part of a ground-breaking mobile-device merger, in which they introduced a complete Android operating system in its Galaxy Camera. This allows users to install any video or photo-sharing app along with games. Moving forward from that upgrade, the Galaxy Camera 2 ($499) features a faster processor, and smarter modes along with the ability optimize exposure by simply tapping on the screen.

Very little has changed on the design front of the new Galaxy 2 instant camera that Samsung put on display on Toms Guide. That said, Samsung have made quite a few updates to boost overall performances. Must like its predecessor, the new Galaxy 2 camera packs the same 16.3 megapixel image sensor along with a 21X zoom lens (23-483mm, in 35mm equivalent). These lay as flat as possible when the camera is in off mode. On its rear, the camera features boasts the signature, large 4.8-inch LCD touch screen.

There are quite a few substantial changes made, including a faster processor in form of the 1.6GHz quad core unit. It also packs more RAM (an upgrade from 1GB to 2GB). The instant camera also features a new digital signal processor that delivers significantly better image quality, according to a Samsung representative on Toms Guide.

There are some minor exterior design changes to this version with the cameras body being slightly slimmer. It even features a faux-leather finish which gives the camera a softer feel along with more grip. One of the more significant changes in the camera includes the new flash that not only fires, but can also tilt up to bounce light off a ceiling.

Along with tapping the screen to set the focus point, users can now also tap the screen to set optimized exposure for certain parts in a frame. The camera also features 28 different smart modes, an upgrade from 19 in the original Galaxy Camera. The new modes that are part of the camera include Selfie Alarm, a mode that takes five photos rapidly, letting users pick the best of the lot. Those who are new to the art of photography will find this feature very useful.

The Galaxy 2 instant camera is also capable of shooting slow motion videos. It does this by capturing images at 120 frames per second, letting users play back the recorded video at 60 fps for 2X slow-mo output, or at 30fps for 4X slow-mo output. Photography and film students came make optimum use of this feature.

The Samsung Galaxy 2 camera is loaded with Samsung’s latest Wi-Fi features, along with the ability to access and control the camera remotely from a smartphone. Users can also share photos to nearby smartphone devices. The Galaxy 2 comes equipped with a near-field communication (NFC) chip that lets smartphones with NFC enabled to pair with the camera. This is possible via a simple tap or via manual settings.  There are some other features of the Samsung Galaxy 2 instant camera such as its OS upgrade from Jelly Bean 4.2 to 4.3.

The Android point-and-shoot system is one which can be explored to many levels. Samsung, with the Galaxy 2 camera have effectively made new forays, fusing the finest features of a mobile device with the finest that a well-equipped camera has to offer. The only way up for Samsung’s camera arsenal is up.

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Tips to Speed up your Android Device

Everyone loves their handsets, whether android or windows or of any OS, but when it starts troubling you by becoming slow or hanging in between, it makes you irritate and you just feel like smashing down your love (Handset). There was a time when you use to function your Android device and use the apps in a couple of seconds and now the same thing takes a couple of minutes, isn’t it irritating? And this might be a common witness for the Android users after using their device for a couple of months. So to solve this common but irritating problem today in my post I will give out a few solutions.

Clearing the app cache

When you start using your phone and the apps in it, the apps build up the cache data which can directly affect the performance of your device. So clearing this app cache can improve your device performance.

You can perform this step by going to the individual app menu settings and tapping on to the clear cache option, but this is a time consuming task as one’s phone consists of several apps. Worried? Don’t be. As there are apps available in the Play store to solve this problem too, and the most popular apps and free at the same time are “App Cache cleaner” and “Clean Master”.

Switching off

This sounds weird, but it’s really effective. This is a temporary solution to increase the speed of your device. You just need to switch off your device for a couple of seconds or minutes and then restart it, you will find that your device has been boosted up.

Rooting your device

Rooting up on your device will not only speed up your device, but also will add up lots of features to your Android device including the installation of custom ROM. But rooting is always not safe, but also not that dangerous/harmful, so if you can take a risk then go for this option of rooting your device and enjoy the performance of your device.

Disable the apps which are not in use

If there are any apps on your device which are not in use at present for you then you can disable them or uninstall them, as even those apps may be running at the background again consuming your cache data and the space too resulting in the lowering the performance of your device. So this option can be considered as the best and safe in order to boost your device’s performance.

Remove unwanted shortcuts of apps

Not only you, but most of the Android users love to see the apps and widgets shortcut on their home screen, but do you know that this can also affect the performance of your device? Yes, you heard it right, having the apps or widget shortcuts on your home screen can affect and harm the performance of your device. So in order to boost up the speed and performance of your Android device you can remove the apps or widget shortcuts from your screen by long pressing on them and dragging them at the bottom of the screen.

Now you know some great and useful tips by which you can boost the performance of your device, you can use these tips for your own or share them with your friends and help them out with their slow devices.

New Sony Xperia G Specs, Price And Review By Frank Mobile

Sony instantly goes on releasing new Smartphones one by one. With its recent release Xperia Z1 compact, this was very soon followed by a 6-inch T2 Ultra phablet, it seems that Sony wants to restrengthen its feet in this Smartphone era. And proving it to be right, there is rumor that Sony is planning to announce the launch of two Smartphones ( Xperia Sirius and Xperia G ) in the market at the Mobile World Congress. And it is conceived that the Japanese maker is planning to introduce this Xperia G as a mid range Android phone of the twelvemonth.

Rumors are that this will be revealed at the nearing MWC 2014 in Barcelona. As this data is leaked just now, there are just a few of its specs available. Specs are incomplete but may soon provide you with all of them. But for now these are the main specs to be focused.

Display and Resolution

This Smartphone may come with a display size of 4.8 inches diagonally. It has a classic look. You can have a look at it in Google. It looks slim and rather heavy. And no more information regarding its introduction. Coming to its resolution, as per the sources, this may have a resolution of 1280*720 pixel. This is a serious one for any mid range Smartphone.

Camera and storage

This provides you with 8 mega pixel rear camera. This is a safe bet to suffer in any Smartphone and a better one when it totals at a low cost. And at present I can’t articulate anything about the presence of front camera. Equally there is no information regarding it.  Merely this is of no concern as the pixel of rear camera is appreciable one.  This handset comes with an inbuilt memory of 8 GB and 1 GB RAM. This also comes with MicroSD slot (indicating that the storage capacity may even be expandable).

This also comes with MicroSD slot (indicating that the storage capacity may even be expandable). And getting to the point of IP valuation, it has no IP rating, which means that it receives no shelter from any external harmful agents like water, dust and much more.

That’s it for now. This is all we have for now. And may come to know more about it, when it will be officially released at the Mobile World Congress on 24th of FEB. , 2014.