UPI-Powered Digital Payments Feature Launched By Airtel Payments Bank In India

The payments platform of Bharti Airtel, Airtel Payments Bank, has now incorporated Unified Payments Interface (UPI) in a bid to help its customers with transactions. With the addition of UPI feature, Airtel Payments Bank has become the foremost bank to do this in India. Airtel, with the integration of UPI, is intending to make digital payments safe as well as instant money transfers easier for its customers.

UPI-Powered Digital Payment By Airtel

Talking about the drive, the CEO and MD of Airtel Payments Bank, Shashi Arora, said, “We are happy to pronounce the integration of UPI within Airtel Payments Bank. This move will enable all our 20 Million customers of the bank to generate, on the Airtel app, their personalized UPI handles as well as allow them to execute digital payments in the online and the offline space.” Further, Arora also mentioned that the users will be capable of linking their bank accounts to the BHIM application and make UPI payments through the Airtel Payment Bank.

Through the Airtel Payments Bank, the users will be allowed to make safe digital payments to offline as well as online businesses. It will also enable the users to make instant transfers of money to any bank account across India. To avail the service, all that customers need to do is update their Airtel app and then from the Bank tab, opt for UPI.

Once the customer creates the Airtel Payments Bank UPI account, they will be permitted to connect their savings account of Airtel Payments Bank to their UPI handles on famous applications such as other banks’ UPI apps or BHIM. Using the Bank section of the My Airtel app, the users will also be allowed to scan any QR code of UPI for making merchant payments. Also offline & online merchants will be able to utilize Airtel Payments Bank as a mode of payment to receive payments seamlessly.

The Chief Operating Officer of NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India), Dilip Asbe, talking about the UPI integration to the platform of Airtel Payments Bank, said, “Payments banks have the potential to facilitate payments & remittances to a huge user base, particularly, to underserved area in line with the vision of RBI. We are delighted to aboard Airtel Payments Bank on UPI/BHIM platform. With this relationship, we predict a noteworthy surge in digital transactions at unexploited merchant areas and person-to-person payments space.”

They also mentioned that, for UPI-based transfers & payments, the customers are not needed to provide their bank details to make transactions and can generate IDs that are simple to be remembered, ascertaining optimal data security.

5 Ways to Speed up Windows

You’re Windows based system needn’t slow down over time. Whether your system is now working significantly slower than before or it’s grounded almost to a halt, there are several reasons why this may and does occur.

When it comes to computer issues, a simple reboot is something that should always be on your mind. In most cases, restarting your system is all you need to do to fix the vast majority of problems that may occur on your computer, ruling out having to tinkle around with more complex troubleshooting methods.

1. Find Resource Hungry Applications

Your computer is not running at optimal levels because a significant portion of its resources is being consumed. If your computers performance suddenly took a dip, then there is a strong chance that a Windows process may be consuming close to 99% of CPU resources. Alternatively, the drop in performance may be due to a memory leak, an application consuming a considerable amount of system memory, forcing the computer to use the swap file. You also have those instances when an application is using a considerable amount of disk space, forcing other programs to work much slower, especially when they need to call to disk.

In order to find out which programs and processes are consuming what, you will need to open Windows Task Manager. In order to open this tool, simply right click on the Taskbar and select Open Task Manager.

Once the program has loaded up, click on the Processes Tab, and you will be able to see the applications running on your system, and how much Memory and CPU resources they are consuming. If you find that an application is using up a lot of resources, you can close it, by right clicking on it and selecting End Task.

2. Remove Special Effects

Making the taskbar and Start menu transparent is one option available to you, but for Windows 10 users, there are a number of other built-in special effects, you can take advantage of. In order to strip away all the special effects from your Windows experience, right click on My Computer and select Properties.

On the next screen, click on Advanced System Settings, which will open up System Properties. Then click on the Advanced Tab, and click on Settings under Performance.

When the Performance Options menu loads up, in the Visual Effects Tab, you can either select the option for Best Performance, which will turn off all the unnecessary special effects and animations, or you can choose the Custom Option, and select all the things you feel you do not need. Then click on OK, to apply those changes.

3. Disable Startup Applications

If your computer takes a considerable amount of time to boot up, this could be the result of having too many applications starting during the system boot up phase.

To fix this problem, open the Run Command box, by pressing Windows Key + R. Then type msconfig into it and click on OK. Once Microsoft System Configuration Utility loads up, click on the Startup Tab and then un-tick the box next to any and all applications you do not want starting when you boot up your computer.

Note: You can use Windows Task Manager to monitor which applications use the most resources, and disable applications based on your findings here.

4. Lighten Your Browser

There is a strong chance that you use your web browser quite a lot, so it could just be that your browser is running slower than it once did. To get the best performance out of your browser, its best practice to use fewer add-ons, and extensions, as these tools can adversely affect the performance of the browser.

To remedy this problem, simply enter the Add-ons or Extensions manager area of the browser and remove any and all the add-ons that you no longer need. Enabling click-to-play plug-ins is also a good idea, as this will prevent certain plug-ins from running without your explicit authorization.

5. Scan for Malicious Files

There is a good chance that your system is running slow because malicious files have infected and corrupted it. It may not be only malware, as there are other kinds of software that are capable of interfering with the performance of one’s system, in its attempt to track or add additional ads to it.

To be on the safe side, it would be a good idea for you to scan your computer using your antivirus scanner. You may also want to consider using Malwarebytes or SpyHunter, which are too highly proficient antimalware tools, capable of detecting potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), that your standard antivirus scanner is likely to miss. These PUPs get onto your computer, when you install certain applications, and they are almost always useless.

Social Media and Smart Phone – A Super Combination For The Today’s Marketer

The world of the online marketer is fast changing. What yesterday was valid for online marketing today it is almost obsolete. Online ads, landing pages, PPC, online advertisements still work. However, the best results are coming in from the smart phone and social networking combination. In this combo, you get the best of both the worlds, i.e. viral marketing potential and a convenient and fast way to get on the net.

Laptops – though still very useful – are fast pushed into the background by tablets and smart phones. Smart phones are emerging as the no.1 medium for communication online and offline. People prefer to go online via their smart phones rather their laptops. The mobility of the smart phone, its amazing features and the most important of all – 24×7 connectivity to the Net – make it THE tool for shopping and promoting shopping.


How The Combination Is Deadly?

What exactly happens when a user connects to the Facebook, for example. The phone uses its Internet-data pack to access the Net anywhere it travels, provide they had a towers closer and you do not have phone. In most cases, when the person connects to social media, he or she would be enjoying some off time.

Imagine that this person is trying to relax a little. He takes out his smart phone and he connects to the Facebook to find out about his good friends. All is okay until he finds an ad about something he had always wanted to buy; a good product or a good service. Sometimes they even buy this great product/ service before recommending it to another. But recommend it,  they will definitely. How do they recommend it? The majority will use their smart mobile phones to inform everyone they know.

Those who receive the recommendation would be people who trusts not only your judgment, but also your ability to choose a product. The endorsement of the product would – in this manner – be considered as a word-of-mouth recommendation, which is one of the most trusted among all endorsement. In no time, a simple advertisement would go viral, and with this development, the traffic to the web would increase rapidly, steadily and exponentially.

Queries, connects, questions, complaints will all be visible and accessible through the smart mobile anywhere, anytime. You are no longer tied to a laptop or desktop. You can use the Internet to communicate with your friends, peers and family through the social networking without any extra effort or problem – thanks to the new technology device – the smart phone.

Whether people are using a Straight Talk or T-Mobile phone, online marketing can work for brands. As long as they’re connected to the web, they can see your ads, online content and more.

This is also why it’s recommended that you have a responsive web design. So people on desktop and mobile devices can view it. If you’re not yet using online marketing to attract mobile users, you should definitely start.

Summer Romance is around the corner with Spritzr Matchmaking app

Since the emergence of the dating app, app creators have been trying to find new ways to refine the concept and make it unique. That is why the new matchmaking app Spritzr is making so much headway. It allows single people to find dates, based off of the recommendations of their friends, who also use the matchmaker app. It has turned online dating into a more socially comfortable situation that anyone ever thought was possible and with summer sneaking its way into our future, there is no better time to start looking for romance.


How Spritzr Can Help Fill Your Summer Calendar

Spritzr, the hottest matchmaking app in the app store, can help users start to develop meaningful relationships that will be in full-bloom by summer. Even if the matchmaker app has not helped you find that special someone, your social network will definitely be larger than it was before. That means a fuller calendar this summer, which is always good.

Spritzr Helps To Put An End To The Third Wheel

Spring and summer are some of the busiest times of the year in regards of weddings, and if you have been using the Spritzr app throughout the winter months, you’re going to have a lot of options when those wedding invitations start coming in. Who knows, thanks to Spritzr, you might be the one sending out the invitations. If this is the case, you can offer to help your single friends find dates for your wedding by suggesting they use the dating app themselves. You can help match them up with people you think they would get along with and make it a special occasion for everyone involved.

Summer is a time to let loose and have fun, and what better way to do that then hanging out with your friends or exploring a new romantic relationship!

Hostgator Cyber Monday Discount Coupons Giving The Highest Discount on Hosting

Shop.org brought a new revolution to the online shopping industry by entitling the word ‘Cyber Monday’ in its press release in year 2005. Cyber Monday is one of the biggest days in the history of online industry.  Most of the online e-stores provide heavy discount on cyber Monday. This is the great chance for shopping freaks to grab their favorite product at low rate. Well, my favorite product is hosting. Hostgator- the hosting tycoon is providing enormous discounts on its hosting packages to the people using Hostgator Cyber Monday Coupon while checking out. Most of the people are frequently searching for Hostgator Cyber Monday Coupons over the internet. Cyber Monday is the last chance to avail maximum discount on Hostgator hosting. You just have to use the Hostgator Cyber Monday Discount Coupons to get maximum discount on Hostgator hosting plans.

Hostgator Cyber Monday Discount Coupons

I am also using Hostgator since I started my blogging career and it is one of the most reliable web-hosting ever. On the occasion of Cyber Monday, Hostgator stated to provide discounts to its customers. The discount ranges from 50 percent to 75 percent. People are searching for Hostgator Cyber Monday Coupons here and there. But they should know that the Hostgator Coupons will apply automatically on the checkout, after they had added the plan to their cart. But yes there are some more Hostgator Cyber Monday Coupons that are providing even 80 percent discount to people on purchase of any product from Hostgator. So just browse through the internet and search for Hostgator Cyber Monday coupons, if you are interested for purchase of any other product than hosting from Hostgator.