The very fact that Air conditioner is pretty vital to our existence, in times of scorching heat, is not unknown at all. India, being a humid tropical country, all the more feels the need of Air conditioner or the AC. Hence all the famous AC manufacturing brands take special care of their products so that it can suffice the needs of Indian citizens. Panasonic has been one of the primary companies, specializing in electronics. In terms of Panasonic AC price in India, Panasonic has a wide range to suit the demands of the customers. One such AC model is Panasonic 2 Ton 4 Star CS/CU-KC24PKY Sapphire Split Air Conditioner which is doing all the rounds. The basic features which make it worthy purchase are as follows:

Panasonic 2 Ton 4

The look:

Panasonic speaks of class when it comes to its model of air conditioner. Panasonic 2 Ton 4 Star CS/CU-KC24PKY Sapphire Air Conditioner is no different. The AC type is Split. It has a classy gray finish which emits chic style and grandeur. Due to its neutral image, it can go with the walls of any color.

Features integrated:

The whole package consists of additional things like user guide, warranty card and a cool remote control. The air conditioner boasts of a huge capacity of 2 tons. Its Energy efficiency or EER is 3.17. It can remove moisture in the air at the rate of 3.7 liters per hour. The indoor noise level is 48 dB and the outdoor noise level, on the other hand is about 56 dB. It is supported by a composite micro channel condenser. The compressor is a sub tropical sort. The Power consumption is restricted to 2080 W. The feature set includes dehumidification, anti bacteria filter and remote control. Its indoor gross weight is around 13/15 kg, whereas the outdoor net weight is about 58 kg. It has an odor controlling aspect. The top can be washed and cleaned easily.


The first and foremost point about the Panasonic 2 Ton 4 Star CS/CU-KC24PKY Split Air Conditioner is that it has a huge capacity of 2 tons. As a result its cooling ability is of a superior nature. It can cool down a large space within a short period as it has been made for the purpose of working under extremely hot weather conditions. The compressor can work in such a way that it can cool down an area at 52 degree C! The sub tropical compressor of the 4 star Sapphire AC is accompanied by a high quality Torque and efficient motor of superior class, which is capable of functioning within a high voltage. The compressor is constructed out of hardy materials which will be long lasting even under high pressure. The optimum shape muffler makes sure that the process of cooling is smoothly done.

The Anti bacterial filter is a combo of 3 features all in one, namely, antibacterial, anti-virus and anti allergen filters. Together with all these fantastic aspects, the filter helps to circulate cent percent pure and refreshing air absolutely free of microbes. The filter has been recognized by many international organizations.

The micro channel condenser is built out of aluminium which is durable and last for years. The cooling procedure requires least refrigerant. The unique feature of odor removal eliminates the source of the bad smell by turning off the fan at the very start. Thus, it circulates fresh and sanitized air all the time. It has a soft/dry function which keeps the air dry and free of humidity. Random auto restart is yet another function which switches on the machine automatically.


A warranty period of the Sapphire Split AC is 1 year on the machine and 4 years on the compressor. The online price is marked as Rs. 42399 which is pretty reasonable with regard to Panasonic AC price in India. No wonder it has been a 4 star rating!

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