Today studying for the driver’s test is a technological exercise. Advancement in technology has made it easy you pass the driving test. All you need is a free afternoon and an iPhone and you will be ready to ace the test in no time.

Pass your Driving Test With your iPhone

The internet has many videos that are designed by professionals to help you pass the test. With an iPhone, you can download these videos and other great iPhone Apps that help you study for your test. Here are a number of these applications.

The driver’s Ed

The first thing you need to begin the studying process is the driver’s manual, you can download it as a pdf in your iPhone and read it using this app. You can also utilize flash cards and focus on memorizing the important information about the test.

Once you are ready, you can start taking the practical examinations and be able to choose the length of your practice exams anywhere from 5 to 100 questions depending on your free time The practice test pulls random question from a bank of more than 350 questions so that you will never have the same test twice and you will be covering a great deal of the material that is likely to be in the actual exam.

The new driver central

You can download this free app on your iPhone. It uses a unique goal based system that helps you learn the material. This is a full featured application. The app helps you acquire a spectrum of knowledge of the golden keys. As you study the material, you earn golden keys by completing various sections. You must earn all the ten keys to be sure that you are ready for the real test. To pass the test you must practice driving on the same roads so that you can memorize traffic signs and arrows.

Dmv Test prep

This app has various tools that help you to learn the rules of the road. The test over 140 questions and allows you to choose the size of your test. This app times your test so that you are able to monitor your progress and it assigns a pass or a fail at the end of your test. The app also has flashcard for road signs and rules. More than 120 signs are included so that you are confident to handle anything in the test. The app has a question browser that you can use to view the 140 questions and their correct answers.

Drive safe

With this app, you can download the official manual of your state. You can start taking the pre-test after reading the manual to know if you have learned the material. Drive safe gives you test that has been done in your state.

Preparing for the practical driving test is now easy and convenient, with an iPhone in your pocket you can study for a few minutes any time you want and familiarize yourself with the different type of questions that you will be expected to answer in your driving test.