We all have a smartphone now days this brings us a step closer to have just about any application that we could possibly dream of to make our lives easier and fun. There are applications being made everyday for every field of our life, from work to entertainment no field has been left untapped. If you are new to the entire world of smart phones and applications you might find the huge amounts of applications a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of people that simply go crazy the moment they get a smartphone and start downloading applications just for the fun of it. This is quite damaging, if not to your bank account then at least to your smart phone itself.

SmartPhones and Family Mobile Applications

Your smart phone comes packed with tonnes of mobile applications. When a company develops a smart phone it pre installs certain trending applications. Now these applications are not only related to fun and entertainment but they are also related to business and commerce. Some of the applications that smart phones tend to come with are Evernote, Twitter, some browsers, facebook, foursquare and tonnes more. The problem is that a 13 year old might never use foursquare or linkedin for the exact purposes that they are specifically designed for. In such cases it makes no sense for a blooming teenager to have those mobile application in his phone that would only take up his data usage and memory. So this implies that when you do get your hands on a smartphone you must take a look at all the applications that you already have before downloading any new. You can delete the ones you do not need and then only keep the ones you would regularly use. Only after you have executed the unwanted ones from your cell phone should you go and opt for more applications. This will optimise your phone’s functions too.

If you like to travel with your family then there are quite a lot of applications that you can use. The great thing is that most of the applications are localized. This means the applications are fit to use in a certain locale or region and this makes their use more profitable or helpful to people.

Here are certain applications that you can use if you are travelling to New York city with your children.

Exit Strategy

This application will cost you $4.99 and you get access to the maps showing New Yorks MTA and will help you see just how it is that you could reach your destination on time and in the shortest possible duration.


It will cost you $4.99 but you would be able to hear commentary that is powered and presented by wikipedia about any landmark that is near you. This gives you the opportunity to learn in a fun and interesting manner.


This will cost you about $0.99 and will help you send post cards. Now these postcards are not just any post cards they are customized to display you or your children’s pictures making the postcards personal and the experience of creating them fun.

Sit or Squat

It is a free application that will help lead you to a rest room or public toilet that is the nearest to you. A very convenient application if you have a weak bladder or kids with you.

Taxi magic

It is a free application that helps people book taxis from one place to another for free, eliminating the need for people to hail cabs on the road.

If you do have a smartphone you should follow the above mentioned tips and you would surely enjoy your smartphone experience.

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