Android-CameraIn 2012, Samsung were part of a ground-breaking mobile-device merger, in which they introduced a complete Android operating system in its Galaxy Camera. This allows users to install any video or photo-sharing app along with games. Moving forward from that upgrade, the Galaxy Camera 2 ($499) features a faster processor, and smarter modes along with the ability optimize exposure by simply tapping on the screen.

Very little has changed on the design front of the new Galaxy 2 instant camera that Samsung put on display on Toms Guide. That said, Samsung have made quite a few updates to boost overall performances. Must like its predecessor, the new Galaxy 2 camera packs the same 16.3 megapixel image sensor along with a 21X zoom lens (23-483mm, in 35mm equivalent). These lay as flat as possible when the camera is in off mode. On its rear, the camera features boasts the signature, large 4.8-inch LCD touch screen.

There are quite a few substantial changes made, including a faster processor in form of the 1.6GHz quad core unit. It also packs more RAM (an upgrade from 1GB to 2GB). The instant camera also features a new digital signal processor that delivers significantly better image quality, according to a Samsung representative on Toms Guide.

There are some minor exterior design changes to this version with the cameras body being slightly slimmer. It even features a faux-leather finish which gives the camera a softer feel along with more grip. One of the more significant changes in the camera includes the new flash that not only fires, but can also tilt up to bounce light off a ceiling.

Along with tapping the screen to set the focus point, users can now also tap the screen to set optimized exposure for certain parts in a frame. The camera also features 28 different smart modes, an upgrade from 19 in the original Galaxy Camera. The new modes that are part of the camera include Selfie Alarm, a mode that takes five photos rapidly, letting users pick the best of the lot. Those who are new to the art of photography will find this feature very useful.

The Galaxy 2 instant camera is also capable of shooting slow motion videos. It does this by capturing images at 120 frames per second, letting users play back the recorded video at 60 fps for 2X slow-mo output, or at 30fps for 4X slow-mo output. Photography and film students came make optimum use of this feature.

The Samsung Galaxy 2 camera is loaded with Samsung’s latest Wi-Fi features, along with the ability to access and control the camera remotely from a smartphone. Users can also share photos to nearby smartphone devices. The Galaxy 2 comes equipped with a near-field communication (NFC) chip that lets smartphones with NFC enabled to pair with the camera. This is possible via a simple tap or via manual settings.  There are some other features of the Samsung Galaxy 2 instant camera such as its OS upgrade from Jelly Bean 4.2 to 4.3.

The Android point-and-shoot system is one which can be explored to many levels. Samsung, with the Galaxy 2 camera have effectively made new forays, fusing the finest features of a mobile device with the finest that a well-equipped camera has to offer. The only way up for Samsung’s camera arsenal is up.

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