SmartphoneSmartphones are truly living up to their names. By now, most of us are more than aware of the convenience of shopping online, but now more so than ever, technology is a key player when shopping considering shopping on the High Street. Shopping on the go, doesn’t just end with High-street shops, your local classifieds websites and High end stores are just some of the few that are reaching out to their customers by creating mobile friendly version sites and apps.

More and more companies are maximising on this ever-growing trend and are using technology to drive sales in their stores, by sending out special offers and announcements making it easier to buy products advertised on TV or seen in a window display.

Countless research studies have discovered supporting evidence that confirms many beliefs that smart phones have revolutionised the way in which we shop and browse the internet today. Smartphone integration into the average consumer’s life has dramatically increased and is playing an increasingly significant part in consumer busy lifestyles.

Studies have also revealed that nearly 85% of smartphone holders have used their trusted devices to browse websites, with just over one 30% doing so on a daily basis, leaving the remaining 70% to use their smart devices to research products.

It has been predicted that the growth of mobile shopping shows no signs of slowing down, in fact quite the opposite. Almost half of smartphone owners have said that they will continue to use their phones to browse online in the foreseeable future, with just over one third open to the idea of taking it one step further and completing their online purchase using their device.

Further studies of UK adults who own a smartphone identified that nearly 50 percent of consumers who use smart/ mobile devices to make online purchases, do so based on impulse. Simply, because they have the technology at their fingertips to use whenever the mood strikes them. Impulse buying , Is arguably the epitome of mobile shopping. Put everything together – the online discount code, the email link, the mobile version site, the online inventory, the secure easy payment system and it spells out east, convenient and secure shopping for customers, just daring them to try and resist.