The world of the online marketer is fast changing. What yesterday was valid for online marketing today it is almost obsolete. Online ads, landing pages, PPC, online advertisements still work. However, the best results are coming in from the smart phone and social networking combination. In this combo, you get the best of both the worlds, i.e. viral marketing potential and a convenient and fast way to get on the net.

Laptops – though still very useful – are fast pushed into the background by tablets and smart phones. Smart phones are emerging as the no.1 medium for communication online and offline. People prefer to go online via their smart phones rather their laptops. The mobility of the smart phone, its amazing features and the most important of all – 24×7 connectivity to the Net – make it THE tool for shopping and promoting shopping.


How The Combination Is Deadly?

What exactly happens when a user connects to the Facebook, for example. The phone uses its Internet-data pack to access the Net anywhere it travels, provide they had a towers closer and you do not have phone. In most cases, when the person connects to social media, he or she would be enjoying some off time.

Imagine that this person is trying to relax a little. He takes out his smart phone and he connects to the Facebook to find out about his good friends. All is okay until he finds an ad about something he had always wanted to buy; a good product or a good service. Sometimes they even buy this great product/ service before recommending it to another. But recommend it,  they will definitely. How do they recommend it? The majority will use their smart mobile phones to inform everyone they know.

Those who receive the recommendation would be people who trusts not only your judgment, but also your ability to choose a product. The endorsement of the product would – in this manner – be considered as a word-of-mouth recommendation, which is one of the most trusted among all endorsement. In no time, a simple advertisement would go viral, and with this development, the traffic to the web would increase rapidly, steadily and exponentially.

Queries, connects, questions, complaints will all be visible and accessible through the smart mobile anywhere, anytime. You are no longer tied to a laptop or desktop. You can use the Internet to communicate with your friends, peers and family through the social networking without any extra effort or problem – thanks to the new technology device – the smart phone.

Whether people are using a Straight Talk or T-Mobile phone, online marketing can work for brands. As long as they’re connected to the web, they can see your ads, online content and more.

This is also why it’s recommended that you have a responsive web design. So people on desktop and mobile devices can view it. If you’re not yet using online marketing to attract mobile users, you should definitely start.