Everyone loves their handsets, whether android or windows or of any OS, but when it starts troubling you by becoming slow or hanging in between, it makes you irritate and you just feel like smashing down your love (Handset). There was a time when you use to function your Android device and use the apps in a couple of seconds and now the same thing takes a couple of minutes, isn’t it irritating? And this might be a common witness for the Android users after using their device for a couple of months. So to solve this common but irritating problem today in my post I will give out a few solutions.

Clearing the app cache

When you start using your phone and the apps in it, the apps build up the cache data which can directly affect the performance of your device. So clearing this app cache can improve your device performance.

You can perform this step by going to the individual app menu settings and tapping on to the clear cache option, but this is a time consuming task as one’s phone consists of several apps. Worried? Don’t be. As there are apps available in the Play store to solve this problem too, and the most popular apps and free at the same time are “App Cache cleaner” and “Clean Master”.

Switching off

This sounds weird, but it’s really effective. This is a temporary solution to increase the speed of your device. You just need to switch off your device for a couple of seconds or minutes and then restart it, you will find that your device has been boosted up.

Rooting your device

Rooting up on your device will not only speed up your device, but also will add up lots of features to your Android device including the installation of custom ROM. But rooting is always not safe, but also not that dangerous/harmful, so if you can take a risk then go for this option of rooting your device and enjoy the performance of your device.

Disable the apps which are not in use

If there are any apps on your device which are not in use at present for you then you can disable them or uninstall them, as even those apps may be running at the background again consuming your cache data and the space too resulting in the lowering the performance of your device. So this option can be considered as the best and safe in order to boost your device’s performance.

Remove unwanted shortcuts of apps

Not only you, but most of the Android users love to see the apps and widgets shortcut on their home screen, but do you know that this can also affect the performance of your device? Yes, you heard it right, having the apps or widget shortcuts on your home screen can affect and harm the performance of your device. So in order to boost up the speed and performance of your Android device you can remove the apps or widget shortcuts from your screen by long pressing on them and dragging them at the bottom of the screen.

Now you know some great and useful tips by which you can boost the performance of your device, you can use these tips for your own or share them with your friends and help them out with their slow devices.