It is time that people understood that, with the increase in the use of cellphones and cameras everybody now is a journalist in their own right. This is precisely why people now need to understand the importance of search media optimisation and its use in marketing content.

Understanding SMO A Little Better

Just about half a decade ago things for online marketing and businesses were a lot different. At that time blogger and content copy writers wanted one thing and one thing alone; they wanted to be on the first page of every major search engine’s result. And how did they hope to do that? They tried using and exploiting every SEO rule in the book to make sure that they impress the tech giants like Google and Bing and rank amongst the top searches. But things have changed drastically now.

Since the explosion of social media, things more or less now revolve around it. Businesses of all forms are using the social media now days for popularity and for gaining a greater customer base. This is a testament to the power of social media at this moment.

Social media optimisation has now become a necessity for bloggers. They need to be amidst the most popular social media platforms to get their voice heard. Having a single website is no longer enough. Bloggers and copywriters need to step out of their comfort zone and initiate blogging using various social media platforms.

There are certain rules that can be used in making sure that the social media optimisation becomes as useful as content cope writers and bloggers hope it would be:

Number 1:  create a very extensive social media network

If you are a friendly person or a very trusting one this step will present you with no challenge at all. You can easily initiate being friends with others on social media and entice them on becoming your followers. One tip that I found to be very helpful when I was setting up a social media network is that it is always alright to pop in between a conversation that concerns your blog. At times when I popped in I did so with a neutral comment and only after I had established some form of running conversation from my comment did I invite them to have a look at my blog. Then there were times when I walked in to a conversation ready for a beating because I knew my biased opinion will help me bait those people who shared the same opinion as I had in any conversation. In any case joining in a conversation between strangers on any social media platforms helped me bad more followers.

Number 2: Never be selfish!
The social media is a very influential world. You should share all forms of information on it. Whether than information is related to your blog or just the most trending topic right now it would do you a lot of good to share that information on your social media platform. This selfless act of sharing is really not that selfless, it will spark instant conversations and interest related to your blog or online business.

So, if you still do not believe that you should switch your techniques and use more of search media optimisation as compared to search engine optimisation then let me assure you, you are going on a very dodgy path that might never lead to the success you hope for.

Author Bio:

I am Jeniffer, editor at Key Difference. Am passionate about SEO services, Technology, Email Marketing Services, Mobile Application Development, Marketing Consultant, etc. I wish to share my knowledge with others and jump into blogging.