In 2007 mobile industry was changed forever when the new smartphone IPhone was launched. It’s slim rectangular design, touch screen and the beautiful interface won the hearts of the people. After its first launch apple borrowed many good ideas from its competitors Android and Windows. The customers were happy to see the good changes borrowed by apple from its rivals.

Richard Querrey, a tech blogger who we spoke to on Google+ earlier, made the switch from iOS to Android last year but would consider going back if Apple added some Android like features:

Windows 8 and Android features I'd Like on iPhone 6

“I would definitely like to see Apple introduce Wireless Charging, I’ve found it invaluable on my Nexus 7 and it just makes charging my phone much easier as I’m not faffing around with cables. I of course want each operating system to be unique and have different features but I feel like Android are doing a better job of things at the minute and Apple are missing a trick or two on iOS.”

Here are a few features which IPhone 6 can borrow from Windows 8 and Android to make it a success:

Amazing Lock Screen Tricks:

Apple should use the remarkable technique of turning the phone on and off by double tapping the screen. LG G2 and LG G3 are already using this stylish function.

Waterproof IPhone 6:

Waterproofing is no more a luxury in phones like it used to be. Many phones like Samsung Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2 have already made their phones special by protecting them from unintended soakings and accidental splashes. If they can give this option then we expect apple to make IPhone 6 waterproof as well!

Apple should get the Sapphire Screen:

We would like to see apple using the durable Sapphire screen now. It is proved by the other phone companies that using a handmade Sapphire screen won’t make the phone expensive. Kyocera’s Brigadier and Huawei are already using Sapphire screens for their phones.

Biometric Sensor on Home Screen:

Samsung Galaxy S5 is getting more and more famous because of its great interest in fitness and personal data sensors. Its fingertip sensor is much more accurate than any wrist watch. The heart-rate monitor is also a great addition to the phone. Even though Apple is offering a heart-rate monitor on some of its wearable accessories, we would like it to add such kind of sensor to the Touch ID on the home button.

Improvement in the Sound Quality:

IPhone’s external speakers quality is quite average. Apple should follow the lead of HTC ONE M8 and improve their sound system.

Cord-Free Charging:

Apple should learn from Nokia the tricks of wireless charging. Nokia with the help of its accessories uses NFC which pairs the phone to external speakers while also getting it charged. Apple should use the same technology in its next generation phone.

Hardware Shutter Button:

Everybody loves the physical camera button even on a smartphone. It lets you launch the camera even before you take it out of your bag or pocket. We hope to see a hardware shutter button at the side of the new IPhone!

Addition of Shortcuts

Android phones have been using this technology and it’s high time that apple should also think of using it in its new phone. If we press the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth button long enough, it takes us to the control center by which we can see each individual setting. It really helps in selecting a new Wi-Fi network.

Author bio: Nuur Hasan is a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports.