Bangladesh under the lens marketplace attitudes

Pointed out poverty, the majority of us first thought is the fact that Africa, actually, the extent of poverty in Bangladesh our neighbors believe it or not African nations. Bangladesh is among the 50 least developed countries in the world, among the greatest world’s most densely populated countries on the world river density. According to a current World Bank statistics, you will find about 50 % of Bangladesh’s population lives below the poverty line (upper poverty line) below which 34% of people resides in extreme poverty line (lower poverty line) or less.

Due to the complex historical reasons, Bangladesh weak economic foundation, backward productivity, low excellence of the overall population, the years of frequent and severe weather are also affected this South Asian country. Agriculture rules the economy, about 80 % of people resides in rural areas, farming output paid for 55% of national output. 9 million hectares of arable land, grain makes up about 80%. Rice jute, its production and export volume on the world, so Bangladesh is also “national jute,” stated.

Bangladesh capital Dhaka roads, everywhere can easily see lots of ragged, Slim people, in the appearance would ever guess how difficult their lives. A metropolitan slum lived on by 70,000 people; the boardroom filled with crowded living conditions really is easy. Some families only a bouquet of clothes everyone, who go who put on, so there’s been.

Learning Bengali for Writing Bangla

The most crucial phrase to understand Bengali! The simplest way ever! Try trying to find “Bijoy”, to locate more language applications! “Said the Bengali” is a Windows Xp, 7, 8, Mac and also Mobile Phone application, which consists of lots of Bangla phrases and words. Features:  Clear and live recordings easy to use!   In 18 groups: The work aims to inspire people around the world to learn Bengali, while increasing understanding countries and cultures.

DHAKA, November 25 (Reporter Dai Xiaozheng) Bangladesh’s biggest software exhibition began around the 25th within the capital Dhaka. Throughout 5 day exhibition, about 110 greater than Meng domestic and foreign software development companies to showcase their latest exhibits.

The exhibition collectively by Bangladesh partnership telecommunications company, Microsoft, Apple and Sun Microsystems co sponsored. According to the organizers, in current years, the rapid development of software industry in Bangladesh.

At the moment, the country provides greater than 350 software development companies, professionals and technical personnel greater than 15,000, while exports to 23 nations, software products. Between Mustafa Jabbar’s Bijoy Bayanno Software succeeded for easy way to write Bangla and operate any Windows user, like certainly one of successful Mustafa Jabbar’s Bijoy Bangla Software.

Local media analysis stated that Bangladesh’s booming software industry and government to build up the information industry are inseparable. In the last 5 years, Bangladesh PC imports elevated 35%, Internet customers elevated to greater than 100 million. According to reviews, the government has lately introduced a number of measures such as the current fiscal year is going to be at least 2% from the budget for the development of IT industry.